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Marylouise Oates

The Joffrey Ballet's Parties for Patrons Are Too, Too Divine

April 22, 1987|Marylouise Oates

What to wear to a "pique-nique?" The invitation suggests "le mini, le maxi, la smock, la frock, la tu-tu, la three-three, la four-four."

Just a hint of the good times coming up for Joffrey Ballet Patrons. Felisa Vanoff and Patti Skouras are turning the three Patron Nights during the Joffrey's spring appearance into real parties--while also giving possible-patrons-with-no-previous-social-experience the chance to become part of L.A. social life.

The opening night gala--next Wednesday--comes with the advice to wear what "you would have worn to Maxim's the night they invented Champagne." Then on May 7 comes the "pique-nique." And, on May 15, the triple-header finishes with a "modeles and artistes" bash, which allows "a dash of Apache, a maze of berets."

As Vanoff said, "Everybody is always wondering what to wear. We've told them." Behind the good times, Vanoff and Skouras explained, is a real push to build the Joffrey a bigger and broader base of support.

"We don't have the chic-ies," Vanoff said adamantly, with Skouras adding that the Joffrey's "broad-based" board was looking for a ballet following that would be representative of the city.

Nancy Reagan is the honorary chair of the three-evening series (going for $605 per person), and among the honorary patrons are William M. Keck II, Giney Milner, Kirk and Anne Douglas and Gordon and Ann Getty. Putting together the evening with Vanoff and Skouras are Joan Burns, Majorie Volk, Dawn Douglas, Sandy Ausman, Marilyn Lynch, Margo Peck and Noelle Siart.

Unlike most benefits, the two chairwomen said, people can attend without already being plugged in to the group--and the way the parties are structured, there will be a chance to become part of both the events and the Joffrey itself.

"OK," Skouras said, only half kidding. "They don't want to go to the ballet. Fine. Give them a party."

RACING AROUND--Ace-racer Danny Sullivan is finally getting out from behind those ugly goggles and nasty helmet to (temporarily) make a TV appearance on ABC's daytime hit "All My Children." In real life, he's a buddy of Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) and was on the set last week giving her driving tips, since she's racing on the show. His appearance will air in May, right before the May 9 qualifying weekend for the Indy 500. At least two studios are after the adorable Sullivan to star in a racing version of "Top Gun" . . . Lucci will be (temporarily) moving again to prime time for NBC's "Secret Passions," starting shooting in Canada in late May . . . Two-time Emmy winner Judith Light of "Who's the Boss?" will be starring in an NBC project, produced by Renee Valente, to shoot in Seattle, called "Hit and Run." Obviously, it will not star Sullivan . . . Working with Eddie Murphy must have rubbed off. So look for Brigitte Nielsen (Mrs. Rocky) to do a comedy next. She's with Murphy in "Bev Hills Cop II," which world premieres May 19 here.

FILLING (AND TURNING) TABLES--More than 350 people raised more than $125,000 during the OEF dinner honoring Public Works Board President Maureen Kindel last week. The evening's theme, "Helping Women Help Themselves," was certainly followed by the record take, which will support training programs to help poor women in developing countries . . . Former Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols called to say that she's been named chairwoman of the Sierra Club Southern California air resources committee--a clever turning of the tables, since she now gets to advocate Sierra Club positions on air quality issues before agencies including the one she used to head. Like all Sierra Club reps in similar positions, Nichols will operate as a volunteer.

SIGN-OFF--Someone's done a little editorializing with the billboard on Santa Monica near Western. Printed on the billboard are the lines: "(1) Unplug Coffee. (2) Feed cat. (3) Play Lotto." Some one has added in spray paint: "(4) Welfare."

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