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'Dream Condos in Monterey Hills'

April 26, 1987

I can't tell you how pleased I was with the article by Roxane Arnold, "Dream Condos in Monterey Hills Sink Into a Nightmare for Buyers" (Metro, April 19.).

Like most of the original buyers at Eaton Crest, I am a young professional who works in the downtown area. Monterey Hills--its location, its 5% down, its fixed interest rate--seemed perfect.

Now, like hundreds of other individuals, I am a prisoner.

No one wants to buy a condominium in a building that is sinking.

The only options I have are to give away or walk away from my unit.

Indeed, what in 1981 seemed like a dream come true has turned into a real nightmare.

I hope that the CRA and the other individuals and companies involved in this disaster face up to their responsibilities and buy us out.

I am certain that the article will help us tremendously on our road to a "buy out."


Los Angeles

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