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'Abortions and the Poor'

April 29, 1987

Your editorial reminds one of the Red Queen in "Alice in Wonderland" who felt that words meant exactly what she pleased.

You pretend that the abortion issue involves a struggle between those who defend private decision and pro-lifers seeking to impose their "strong feelings" on society. That is understandable. Otherwise you would have to admit that pro-abortionists are the ones who have already imposed their feelings on others.

This is especially clear in the cases of tax subsidies to abortionists and secret abortions for children. Both are patent violations of religious freedom and parents' rights.

The one compels Christians, Jews and others to support teachings and practices they abhor. The other intrudes state power into the family. I seriously doubt that many Californians approve of a policy that allows the public schools, Medi-Cal bureaucrats and abortionists to perform dangerous surgery on children without parental consent.

This is the same kind of crazy logic that got the Rose Bird Court in trouble. It will be interesting to see if the Legislature follows suit.


Executive Director

Catholic League of California

Los Angeles

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