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San Pedro : Honorary Mayor Named

April 30, 1987

John M. Olguin, who recently retired as co-director of the Cabrillo Marine Museum, was named honorary mayor of San Pedro during a dinner sponsored by the San Pedro Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Olguin said he will share the ceremonial post, which is awarded to the candidate who raises the most money for charity, with Eric Kamien, a local businessman who finished second in the three-way race.

Leron Gubler, executive director of the chamber, said Olguin can share the post with Kamien since there are few rules in the race, which Gubler described as "just a fun way" to raise money for charity.

"Anything is legal," Gubler said. "Money buys this election."

Olguin, sponsored by the Seamen's Church Institute, raised $8,706 during the two-month campaign. Olguin has designated the San Pedro Chamber Fireworks Fund as his charity.

Kamien, who runs a public relations and marketing business, was sponsored by the YWCA, which he designated as his charity. Kamien raised $4,136.

The third candidate, Vern Cross, a retired pharmacist, was sponsored by the Lions Club. He named the Salvation Army as his designated charity. Cross, who became ill during the campaign and was unable to attend the awards dinner, raised $2,410.

Gubler said half of the money raised goes to the selected charity, 20% is given to the sponsoring organization and 30% covers the chamber's expenses as well as chamber-sponsored community projects. Last year, the chamber used the money to finance the "Welcome to San Pedro" sign on Gaffey Street. This year's project has not been decided.

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