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Coupon Clippers Offer Shopping Suggestions

May 02, 1987

I have the perfect solution for Maureen Franklin. Why not spend her precious time and energy to find a market where she can arrange to phone in her grocery order and have it delivered to her home. It will cost more, but it will eliminate her need to stand in line behind "those women" who use coupons. She can then sit down--no energy needed--and total her food bill to be sure the prices are correct.

She won't need to worry about hitting the car next to her with her door; she won't need to worry about the market being unclean and cluttered (most markets are very clean--where does she shop?); and she won't suffer eyestrain from watching the scanner through the window glare.

As a shopper who uses coupons, due to a limited budget, I have yet to ever hear anyone cursing or abandoning their carts and leaving the market. Nor have I ever seen any desperate clerks checking the coupons.

Yards and yards of tape for an order? Does she measure the tapes? I shop once a month and the car is really filled. With the items purchased, plus the coupon deductions, my tapes have yet to measure yards.

And where is there fraud in using coupons? If there is, then most shoppers are guilty of a crime when they shop.

Of course, this lady can always dine out every day and save all the agony coupon shoppers seem to be causing her.


Culver City

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