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Iacocca Is a Fine Example of How to Achieve Success

May 03, 1987

It is always heartwarming to read a success story such as James Risen's story ("Iacocca Paid $20 Million by Chrysler in '86," April 18), covering the Chrysler chairman's climb to the top of the ladder in the automobile industry.

Lee A. Iacocca's accomplishment was an "A-1" product developed after a prodigious effort to lift a so-so auto firm from the quagmire of near-failure to an elevated position in its industry.

Old Henry Ford must be spinning in his grave, knowing that one of his progeny decided to virtually give Iacocca away to an unwelcome competitor!

Ah, such is life. We live and learn; we win some, we lose some--usually the hard way.

We also had to admire the manner in which Iacocca handled the Statue of Liberty situation, even if "someone in our government" envied all the attention, credit and honor accorded Iacocca.

Iacocca's approach was businesslike: no politics, no petty squabbling, no foot-dragging, just hard-driving straight for the goal.

One must admire this man for his steadfastness and resolution to "complete the task successfully." While many feel that he would be priceless presidential material, he--unfortunately, for the United States--declined to pursue the "opportunity."

If only there were more Iacoccas in our country; we need them desperately.


Huntington Beach

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