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May 03, 1987

The level of hypocrisy concerning the Sandinistas' attempts to manipulate public sympathy concerning their own brutal attempts at fascist totalitarianism in Nicaragua is sickening.

But it is so predictable to see a mob of lame, ignorant American liberals sucking on their smug, self-serving, socialist teat.

"Walker" is obviously an attempt at altering history (the Marxist specialty) to ennoble the Sandinistas. The Americans who help them lie their way out of their atrocities and their selfish hypocrisy deserve the same fate as the Sandinistas, and let's all hope Reagan and the contras can make it possible.

Naturally, the Sandinistas claim that the contras are an American CIA invention, yet 20% of them are defectors from the Sandinista forces. They blame their suffering on the U.S. trade embargo. In the same breath they complain about U.S. intervention. Do they want us around or not?

It is laughable to see communists, who are the biggest mass murderers in the history of mankind, whine like girls when a few of their own get the chop.

The conscientious journalist who authored the article conveniently forgot about the slaughter of more than 200 Miskito Indians by the Sandinistas. I'll send my six bucks to the contras rather than pay it out to the clowns behind the film "Walker."


Santa Monica

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