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Dan's 'Lemon'

May 03, 1987

I am writing to object to the gross presumptions that Dan Sullivan made in reference to Taper, Too's production of "Aunt Dan & Lemon" (" 'Taper at 20'--A Big Finish," April 20).

First, Robert Egan, the director, was not trying to produce "a carbon copy of the New York production." Egan had not seen the New York production of the play. Rather, his production came from his own rigorous study of the play and consultation with the author, Wallace Shawn.

Which leads to the second presumption: that this production is not serving the intentions of its author, or has somehow perverted those intentions. From the time that Egan was set to direct this play (with Shawn's consent and enthusiasm), the director and author had lengthy discussions about the play.

In addition, Shawn came to Los Angeles twice to watch the work in progress and to further confer with us. At no time did Shawn express anything other than delight and pride over the work that was being done.

It is one thing for a critic to dislike a production of a favored play, or to prefer one production to another. That is certainly his prerogative. It is altogether a different thing to assume there is only one way to do a play that honors the writer's intent.

As the producer of Taper, Too, I protest the implications that our work is not informed by and honors the intentions of the writer.


Associate Producer

"Aunt Dan & Lemon"

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