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Nixon, Kissinger View on Arms

May 03, 1987

I have been a staunch supporter of President Reagan since he took office in 1981. He has done a tremendous job governing this nation over the last six years, considering Congress and the Washington political Establishment.

The current prospect of an arms agreement on intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe is disturbing. This agreement is a very dangerous agreement for the following reasons:

1--The Soviet Union has proven that its goal is world domination, i.e. (Afghanistan, Angola, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Poland).

2--The Soviet Union has broken past agreements with the United States.

3--The conventional forces of the Soviet Union are far superior to those of our NATO allies. This agreement would leave Western Europe defenseless.

The Soviet Union cannot be trusted. The Soviets lie, they kill and they rule by terror. They continue to deny their own citizens basic human rights. The "Evil Empire," as President Reagan has called it, is living up to its name all around the world.

President Reagan promised the free world that he would work to prevent Soviet expansion and terror. This agreement will weaken the Western forces and put Western Europe in a very insecure position. In addition, it will be a signal to the Kremlin to continue its slaughter around the world, because the actions will have no bearing on our willingness to negotiate with them.

Kissinger and Nixon, as well as many of our NATO allies, have all expressed reservations on this agreement. President Reagan will have his place in history. The choice is his. He can be remembered as President who strengthened the free world and stood up for human rights and freedom or he can be remembered as the President who assisted the Soviet Union and contributed to the demise of the free world.


Redondo Beach

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