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Orange County Prep Review / Mike Cornwell : Athletes Try Different Kind of Play

May 04, 1987|Mike Cornwell

All right, so nobody will mistake her for Cicely Tyson. And her trophies simply aren't the golden image of Oscar. But Ursula Lovely, Kennedy High School's top high-jumper and basketball player, can act and sing just as well as she leaps and dribbles.

Lovely played three roles in Kennedy's recent performance of "Fame." The parts called for a few solos.

Where did she find all the time?

"There were some conflicts," said director Mark Till. "We had to make a couple sacrifices. But we were able to work around schedules."

Another athlete running between sports and stage is Capistrano Valley's Tommy Adams, who plays baseball and runs track in the same season.

Adams, who likes to be involved in a lot of activities, also signed up for a part in his school's production of "Grease." He would walk from baseball practice to the theater. Adams played the quasi-cameo role of the silent star athlete.

"I got lost in algebra class. It really affected my homework. I had a baseball game Wednesday, then I went home, took a shower and was in "Grease" that night," he said. "Then I had a track meet Thursday and had to do the play. Then I was in a baseball game Friday, and I had "Grease" again."

The curtain calls aren't always as loud as the call of sports, though. Mater Dei's LeRon Ellis wanted to try acting too, but he was unable to because his school's drama production conflicted with two all-star games.

Speaking of drama, Esperanza's Tom Redington is on the brink of breaking Orange County's career home-run record, but the season is swiftly running out, and his coach doesn't want him chasing records.

"He's a power hitter, but we've just got him where he's working on hitting the ball hard, not just hitting home runs," says Esperanza Coach Mike Curran. "There are a lot of times when we want him to go for a base hit or a sacrifice fly to score a run when we need one."

Redington needs only two home runs to tie the record of 22, set by Valencia's Andy Ruscitto from 1984-86.

Adds Curran: "We never stress anything like individual records as a priority. Tommy's ideal for that situation, he's a team player. If it happens, great; if it doesn't, that's fine too."

Katella's wrestling team has been honored by the Southern Section for having the highest cumulative grade-point average even though Coach Dick Werschke says his teams have had higher averages in the past.

Katella's average of 3.03 qualified it for the award sponsored by the Angels and Ford Motor Company to recognize academic excellence. The winning team is awarded a banner and invited to an Angel game.

"This year's (GPA) was one of our lowest," said Werschke. "Three years ago our team average was 3.5 with weighted grades (for advanced placement courses). Last year it was 3.3 with weighted grades."

Prep Notes

Valencia won the Orange League golf championship, its first golf title since 1972, by beating Garden Grove Monday. The Tigers have won all 15 league matches in which they have participated. The Valencia program was re-established only last season after a break from 1980 to 1986.

Troy's Chris Robinson has more in common with his older brother, Jeff, than a last name. Robinson had 80 strikeouts and only 18 walks in 57 innings pitched for Troy. He was won seven of nine games and has a 1.35 ERA. Robinson is also batting .449. Jeff Robinson, who pitches for the San Francisco Giants, has 17 strikeouts and five walks in 19 innings and is 2-0 with a 1.86 ERA, which is third in the National League.

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