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May 05, 1987

San Diego-based company stocks saw little movement last week in either direction. First-quarter earnings came in as expected, and little news was made at the several annual shareholder meetings held locally, according to Irving Katz, director of research for San Diego Securities Inc.

The major move upward was made by PS Group, which climbed 2 1/2 points to 36 5/8. The airline's merger with USAir Group looks assured, given the Teamsters Union's agreement to set a vote on PSA's labor contract modifications before USAir's May 15 cutoff date.

With some exceptions, most other stocks moved just minor fractions, Katz said.

Price Co. regained 1 3/4 points of its prior week's 3-point loss, and closed at 41 1/2. Energy Factors, continuing to add to its 3 gain of the previous week, was up an additional three-quarters to 16 3/4, as the company continues discussions relating to its recent announcement of a possible merger or cash infusion, Katz observed.

Agouron Pharmaceuticals rose three-quarters to 11 3/4, up from its recent public offering price of 10. Beeba's Creations was up three-quarters to 12, recovering some of its previous weeks' losses.

An unexplained move in Fisher Group, the Henley Group spinoff, had the stock making a new high at 14, up 1 1/2 for the week.

Also unexplained was the drop of 1 3/4 to 9 in International Robomation Inc.

Mailboxes Etc., Molecular Biosystems and Synbiotics each moved up three-quarters, regaining some of their lost momentum. Synbiotics will be coming to market later this month, with 1.2 million shares, Katz said.

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