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Downey : 2 Robbery Suspects Caught

May 07, 1987

A Downey man helped police apprehend two bank robbery suspects when he blocked their path with his pickup truck and forced their car to stop.

David June Shaw, 29, and John Wayne Atkins, 33, both of Los Angeles, were booked Monday for investigation of robbing $7,500 from the Bank of America branch at 10010 Paramount Blvd., police Detective David Kelly said.

Shaw and Atkins were in custody Wednesday in lieu of $6,000 bail each.

Two unarmed men wearing masks entered the bank Monday afternoon and robbed four tellers before they climbed into a Mercedes-Benz in a rear parking lot and drove away. Police were alerted and motorcycle officer Bud Kelley followed the car.

Meanwhile, a customer leaving the bank told a 26-year-old Downey man at a nearby business of the robbery and he gave chase.

One of the robbers, who was carrying a pillowcase stuffed with cash, jumped out of the car about two blocks away near Griffiths Middle School and was arrested by the motorcycle officer, Kelly said. The other tried to drive away but his path was blocked by the pickup and he was arrested by other officers.

Police asked that the name of the helpful citizen be withheld for his protection. "He did a real good job," Kelly said. "He really helped us out."

All the money was recovered, Kelly said. The same bank was robbed of $6,000 six weeks ago. Atkins is under investigation for that robbery, Kelly said.

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