Las Vegas' Hull Reprimanded by PCAA


Trena Hull of Nevada Las Vegas was reprimanded by the Pacific Coast Athletic Assn. Wednesday for her actions in an incident with UC Irvine runner Jennifer Abraham April 18 at San Diego State.

A letter from PCAA Commissioner Lewis A. Cryer warned Hull that similar actions could warrant her disqualification from PCAA track and field competition.

Abraham accused Hull of attacking her during the 3,000-meter race after Abraham had elbowed Hull. Abraham received five stitches in her leg and a black eye from the altercation.

Vince O'Boyle, Irvine track and field coach, said Hull's reprimand was not severe enough and that further action should be taken.

"How much more violent do things have to get (in order for them) to warrant disciplinary action?" said O'Boyle.

"Where do we draw the line? Track and field is not a violent sport. This should not be allowed to go without further (disciplinary) action."

Dr. Brad Rothermel, UNLV athletic director, said he was satisfied with the reprimand and that he felt the incident has been resolved.

"Based on what's in the letter, we are satisfied with what has been decided," Rothermel said.

Hull and Abraham will compete in the PCAA track and field championships Saturday and Sunday at UC Irvine. Abraham will be competing in the 3,000-meter race. Hull is not expected to compete in that event.

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