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U.S. Action Against Kurt Waldheim

May 09, 1987

It is painfully obvious in your editorial (April 30), "Waldheim's Past Is Present," that you have a gross double standard where communism and Nazism are concerned. You detest the anti-Communist provisions of the McCarran-Walter Act; however you just love the anti-Nazi provisions.

Nazis and Communists are, for your information, the Siamese twins of totalitarianism, and if so many "liberal" American heads hadn't been so deeply planted in the sand vis-a-vis the Communist menace at the end of World War II, then your editorial staff would have as much passionate contempt for the Communists as it does for the Nazis who, by the way, were overwhelmingly defeated in 1945.

I have no less contempt for Waldheim than you do; however, I have no use for Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev or any other Communist leader either.

Face it, World War II in Europe ended 42 years ago. Therefore, why don't you people at The Times get with the program and finally realize that the Communists are now the enemy and that they are just as vicious, brutal and tyrannical as the Nazis ever were?

The Nazis, in fact, lasted only 12 years; however the Communists first gained power in 1917, and with our financial and military assistance and continual anti-Nazi paranoia they are stronger than ever and a menace to all mankind.

To sum up, we created this Communist monster. Now let's destroy it, not aid and abet it.


Granada Hills

Van de Walle is Los Angeles County regional director of the Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy Educational Foundation, Inc.

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