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Weekend Entertaining

How Famous Folk Remember Mama

May 09, 1987|ROSE DOSTI | Times Staff Writer

M-O-T-H-E-R. And that spells feeling, as became obvious when famous children or the children of famous mothers were asked how they plan to spend Mother's Day. Not everyone remembered the day or had a quick answer. But those who did might--just in case you've forgotten the date--provide you with an idea for some quick action.

Calvin Klein, fashion designer:

"I'm going to visit my mother and father, who live close by, and take them to a restaurant for some fish, which they like very much."

Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the upcoming film "The Predator":

"For starters, I fly my mother in from Austria every year for Mother's Day. I spend the day with her in activities I know she loves. We start by going to church in the morning, then I take her out to a nice restaurant of her choice for breakfast or brunch, then we go to a museum, drive along the ocean. Sometimes we go to an evening concert. This year, just in fun, I'm getting her one year's worth of English lessons so she'll be able to understand my films without subtitles."

Zubin Mehta, conductor, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, music director of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. (Mehta is in Vienna, where he is conducting the Vienna Symphony Orchestra):

"Mother's Day? When is Mother's Day? Oh, my God, that's the day of my premier. Anyway, I think of my mother every day of my life, so I don't need Mother's Day to remind me. I can assure you my mother doesn't sit around waiting for my calls and she won't be insulted if I forget Mother's Day. The only time she really fusses is when she doesn't hear from me for two weeks at a time. That's when I hear about it. Otherwise, for Mother's Day I will probably send her an arrangement of flowers--spring flowers, I think. That's if I don't forget."

Sen . Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.):

"I will be at the Cape on Mother's Day." (Melody Miller, deputy press secretary, fills in--"The senator will be at the compound where his mother is residing and, as in past years, they will be giving her a bouquet of roses. There probably will be some private family gifts, as well. They will also have a private dinner with family members or whoever happens to be there. Most recently, the senator's three children, Patty, Kara and Patrick, spent Easter with his mother. The next big event will be July 22 when Rose Kennedy will turn 97.")

Brooke Shields, actress/model:

"I will be at home helping my mom decorate her room."

David Viscott Ph.D., psychologist and KABC radio personality:

"Listen, my friend, I talk with mother all the time. She's 80. . . . Shhh! . . . Don't tell her I told you. She tells everyone she's 76. . . . I call her a couple of times a week so Mother's Day is no big deal. My mother was never big on Mother's Day or birthdays. The beautiful part of life is the simple part of life; the simple gestures of every day celebrated not by a gift but by a shared awareness. On second thought, I think I'll send her African violets. She likes those best."

Larry Hagman, star of CBS-TV's "Dallas," and son of actress Mary Martin:

"I never discuss what we will do, but I can guarantee a surprise."

Lorraine and Phyllis Bradley, daughters of Mayor Tom and Ethel Bradley:

"We have a double bill lined up for Mother's Day. We're taking mother to a Dodger game, because, as you know, mother is Los Angeles' No. 1 Dodger fan. Then we plan to take her to a Chinese restaurant to dine on her favorite dish--sweet-and-sour shrimp."

Boxer Jerry Cooney :

"I'm training for my fight (the world heavyweight championship in Atlantic City, N.J.) on June 15, so I'm inviting my mom to spend the day with me at the training camp. I'll get her flowers and take her to dinner."

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, psychologist/host of the "Dr. Ruth" television show:

"Please don't ask my children. I don't want to involve them. But let me tell you this for your story: If children would respect and cherish their mothers the whole year, Mother's Day is celebration. If, however, one feels an obligation once a year by sending a card or flowers, then it's awful."

Hiro Yamagata, official artist for the U.S. Olympic Committee:

"I painted a small portrait of my mother and am flying to Japan to surprise her with it."

Jill St. John, actress, cookbook author and food editor, USA Weekend, and ABC-TV's "Good Morning America":

"I'm taking my mother to the first annual Mother's Day luncheon to benefit the Motion Picture Country House and Hospital. My mom has already raised more than $2 million for this wonderful organization."

Gov. George Deukmejian:

"We will be spending a quiet day with my mother and family."

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