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If Nursing Profession Is Ailing, Greater Recognition Is the Cure

May 10, 1987

I applaud your Page 1, Part One, article on May 4, "Nursing: A Profession That's Ailing."

Salary is one of numerous inequities we continue to grapple with. As some of us say: "If all I wanted was money, I'd go work down the street checking out groceries. I'd rather save lives."

Our feelings of powerlessness stem from being in a predominantly female profession lacking cohesiveness.

We are forced to laugh rather than attempt to change the misconceptions about nursing.

The reality of nursing, including the awesome responsibilities, autonomy and knowledge that nurses must have, cannot be revealed without damaging the image of physicians concocted by the media. Wake up, folks! Dr. Welby is not at your bedside.

As nurses, we have a collaborative relationship with doctors. We aren't medical dilettantes, waitresses, substitute family, hoteliers, housekeepers, clerks or ornaments. We are skilled professionals. We deserve recognition.

We hope one day to receive the respect and remuneration we deserve.


Manhattan Beach

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