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May 10, 1987

Dustin and Warren may not look so terrific in the upcoming "Ishtar"--all that Moroccan sun and wind--but they ought to look swell in interviews filmed in recent days with electronic media members from outside L.A.

TV interviewers were herded into a room at the Westwood Marquee for 10-minute chats with the starry pair last weekend. Instead of the customary videotape set-up, they found noted cinematographer William Fraker ("Heaven Can Wait," "Close Encounters") and a crew of 22--filming in 35-millimeter!

(Stu Rosenthal of Portland's KATU-TV said that he was told that the 50-year-old Beatty feels he doesn't look good on videotape.)

Columbia publicity rep Ed Russell insisted that shooting in 35-mm isn't that much more costly than video. But a source who tapes many studio junkets told us that costs are considerably higher for the additional processing, lighting and shipping costs, plus larger crews.

Fraker's footage has since been edited, transferred to videotape and sent to the TV stations prior to "Ishtar's" opening Friday across the continent. Segments have also been shot on a Columbia sound stage for "Good Morning America" and "Today" with Fraker's crew. A camel was brought in for mood.

Meanwhile, Beatty had a meringue pie waiting for critic Gene Siskel when he arrived in the Beatty-Hoffman Westwood Marquis suite to do an interview for Siskel's WBBM-TV Chicago show.

Siskel told us that he calmly advised Beatty: "That won't serve any purpose. You have another interview after me and you'll just get your clothes dirty." Beatty refrained from tossing the pie.

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