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May 10, 1987

I wonder if Calendar has been chosen as a forum by every right-wing geek in Southern California, or if Calendar has chosen itself, or what.

During April, a writer said he preferred the Pretoria government to the Soviet--not because he was a racist and warmongering anti-communist, of course, but because he is concerned about how the Soviet government treats its Jewish citizens. Sure.

Soon thereafter, another writer was upset that U.S. movie moguls had talked to their Soviet counterparts, since Soviet jets had recently killed some Afghans. Surely, he must have considered that warmongers in the U.S.S.R. might have said that the people's movie makers should not socialize with movie makers from the land that used jets to try to kill the head of the Libyan government and sacrificed a number of civilians in the attempt.

Then a writer called Jane Fonda perfidious and touted the movie "Hanoi Hilton."

Then, May 3, bitching space was provided for three Sandinista-haters, the last of whom at least admitted he supports the civilian-murdering contras.

All this is by way of saying I hope the Calendar stops printing these sexist, racist and pro-war rants disguised as entertainment criticism.

Surely Calendar must get letters from saner people.



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