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The Next Generation


Los Angeles' future-famous designers create styles that mirror this city. The trends they reflect are imitated throughout the world. Here, some young men and women--offspring of already-famous Hollywood families--show the designs that show the way.


Son of Gene Kelly

"No, I don't dance. I'm on the other side of the camera. I was a photographer, but I've just finished a screenplay and will direct two music videos next month. I love New York and Europe, but I know I'll end up here. L.A. is where I want to live. I basically hate to shop. I wear anything that's comfortable. If it's comfortable, it usually looks good. I get suits for my birthday from my dad, from his girlfriend, from my girlfriend, people who want me to look good. I like this Clacton & Frinton green suit because it's comfortable, I've got green eyes and I'm Irish, so how could it miss?" (center)


Owners / designers, Clacton & Frinton

"We came to L.A. from London in 1979, opened the shop in 1980 and named it Clacton & Frinton after two English seaside resorts. We've known each other since 'Sgt. Pepper' was a new record (1967). Michael was a bespoke (custom) tailor in England. He cuts the patterns, and we both design the suits. Our suits are tailored with broad shoulders and full-pleated pants. Customers are mostly connected with the visual arts--directors, producers, graphic artists. We selected L.A. because everything is available and accessible here, and all things seem possible. We wanted to raise our three children here. Los Angeles is at the pulse of things and where it's all happening right now."


Designer / co-owner, T. J. Boys

"I came here from South Africa five years ago. I was getting jaded and cynical. L.A. has changed enormously since I arrived. It's more sophisticated. We dress differently. Things that happen in other places don't necessarily happen in L.A.--like the new short skirts and narrow shoulders in Paris and New York. I'm aware of the trend, but this butterscotch suit, for example, has a longish, pegged skirt and broad shoulders. It's very '40s, and it's something that's wanted right now." (far left)


Daughter of George Carlin

"As a kid, my parents stuck me in the back of the Dodge Dart, and we were always on the road. Now L.A. is my main place. I'm an actress, but nine months ago, my husband, Andrew Sutton, and I opened a auto-repair shop called Automotive Enhancement in Santa Monica, and I work there too. I'm a very casual, comfortable dresser, but I enjoy dressing up. Clothing lets you play different roles. In this suit I feel very stylish and sophisticated, like a character in a movie. I love it." (near left)


Designer for Changes Man by Theodore

"Some people think L.A. fashion is mainly surf or beach clothes. That's not true. L.A. produces some of the best sportswear in the world. I try to make bodies look great in clothes. We'll make jeans in washed linen instead of denim. We'll put them with a silk T-shirt and maybe an enormous sweat jacket. You look relaxed, but pulled together. The suede outfit on Gregg Marx is all shape, very little detail. The bomber jacket gives a great set of shoulders." (near right)


Grandson of Gummo Marx

"I performed on 'As the World Turns' for two years. That was in New York, but I came back here because I missed California and it was time to do something else. An actor's job is to act; in a sense, to try on as many suits as possible. In real life, my wardrobe consists of jeans, Reeboks and a tuxedo. I only shop for suits if I have to and if my girlfriend will go with me. I get bored with shopping. I like this suede outfit because it's comfortable." (far right)


Co-owner / designer, Eric Bovy

"I truly think the West Coast is the place to be. It's open to all opportunities, whether in finance, art, music or fashion. All over the world, there's a lot of emphasis on West Coast life. I came here from Paris six years ago and never went to fashion school. I was a math and physics major. I worked at Jerry Magnin's shop and decided to be a designer in 1984, without any experience. Of course, it was a disaster. Since then I've learned a lot. My retail prices target the young contemporary market. But one of my partners is 60, and she wears my clothes all the time. The checked suit Astrella wears is of rayon, but it looks like wool challis. It's very soft in texture and shape, with a pouf skirt." (far left)


Daughters of Donovan

Astrella: "I did a record in Italy when I was 9 or 10, and a lot of stage plays in my old school. I want to act or sing, maybe both. I dance a lot too. My favorite things are my big, baggy clown pants with a roll-down waist and a crotch that comes down to my knees. They're of cotton T-shirt fabric, and they were the fashion in England. I like this Eric Bovy suit because it's different. I think I'd buy it." (left center)

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