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Sacramento Group Is Trying to Lure Raiders North

May 11, 1987

A group of Sacramento developers has made an initial offer of $100 million to Raider owner Al Davis to move the team to Sacramento, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Under the proposal, the Raiders would move to a 65,000-seat stadium that is planned on a 200-acre site in northern Sacramento County.

The paper said Davis was offered use of the proposed $65-million stadium and a $35-million loan to make the move.

Developer Angelo Tsakopoulos, who heads the negotiating group, confirmed that there have been discussions but said they had not resulted in an agreement.

The Raiders' lease with the Coliseum runs through 1991. The proposed Sacramento stadium could be completed in two years, developers said.

Davis was unavailable for comment.

Raider executive John Herrera said: "It has been documented they have contacted the Raiders . . . A lot of communities have made proposals of various strengths to let us know they are interested in the Raiders. It's obvious we have a problem with the Coliseum Commission over commitments that have been made by them and haven't been fulfilled. Certainly, we've been listening to proposals, but we're just listening at this point."

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