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Montrose Board Backs Removal of Parking Lot Meters

May 14, 1987|MARTHA L. WILLMAN | Times Staff Writer

After years of debate, a Glendale city parking board has recommended that meters be removed from city lots in the Montrose Shopping Park and that the time limit at street meters be doubled to two hours.

Parking has been a long-standing issue in the little shopping village. Customers often complain about paying for parking or react angrily when ticketed for a meter violation--an $8 fine.

During the past several years, the Montrose Parking Board, a five-member, appointed commission, repeatedly turned down requests from merchants that meters be removed.

However, following a city-sponsored survey, the board on Friday reversed its stand and requested changes for a one-year trial period.

Council Approval Needed

The action must be approved by the Glendale City Council, which is expected to hear the issue May 26. City officials said the changes can be made within a week or two after council approval.

"This is a major victory for the merchants of Montrose," said Walt Hackman, president of the local merchants association.

The board has recommended removal of the remaining 197 parking meters from city lots, which have a total of 529 parking spaces. Many of the meters were removed several years ago at the request of merchants.

To make up for the estimated loss of $7,000 in annual revenues, the board also voted to double the cost of parking on the street--from 25 cents an hour to 50 cents an hour.

George Miller, public works director, said the higher fees paid by shoppers who park at the 140 meters along Honolulu Avenue "will more than cover" revenues lost from removal of meters in lots.

The survey conducted by the city found that 54% of the merchants who responded favor increasing the time limit for parking on the street from one hour to two hours. The poll found that 76% of shop owners support the removal of off-street meters in exchange for higher fees for street meters.

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