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Appreciating Previn

May 16, 1987

What makes Martin Bernheimer continue to write his mean and spiteful reviews of Andre Previn ("Previn and the Philharmonic: A Problematic Partnership," May 10)?

Does he have a particularly tough worm in his little inside?

I am delighted by Previn's innovative and interesting programs. What a relief to hear something other than Beethoven's Fifth and the other old warhorses trotted out annually, which conductors and orchestras can play in their sleep and reduce their audiences to the same comatose state.

Perhaps Bernheimer should try coming to the Sunday afternoon concerts. We don't have to rush off because we need to work the next day. We were entranced by the glorious Elizabeth Soederstroem and Strauss' "Capriccio."

Bravo, Andre Previn!


Culver City

For more reaction to Bernheimer's article, see Sunday's Calendar Letters.

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