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Different Needs, Goals During Stages of Life

May 16, 1987

For more than half a century I have watched with great amusement and curiosity how different age groups behave and what they desire most in life.

Teen-agers first want attention and approval from their peers and parents. So they try with what ever tools are at hand--body, clothes, speech, and daring to be different.

Young adults want career, security, body gratification and clothes.

The intangibles--consideration, kindness, love and thought for others like siblings, parents or friends--comes much later, the 30s or 40s.

That is when beautiful homes, gardens and families come into the limelight with great force because they begin to see the dark at the end of the tunnel. They see for the first time that life is limited and the body house they live in is indeed fragile and maybe their life style should be seriously considered.

A happy marriage consists of things many couples consider unnecessary. Patience, thoughtfulness, willing to listen and understand that their mate grew up with different values, religions, background and preconceived ideas.



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