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Previn & The Phil

May 17, 1987

Headline: "Mr. B. goes soft!" Take that as you will.

We felt bereft of his usual perceptive, incisive critique with regard to Previn. Why the tippie toes about a grave situation which may portend the end of our orchestra?

I am joining the myriad defectors who are canceling their 20-odd years' season subscriptions to the Philharmonic. We cannot abide Previn's lackluster performances.

We are not comparing him to Maestro Carlo Maria Giulini, who is incomparable by any standards, but we do expect to hear music as the composers wrote it--with depth, passion, feeling and beauty.

Witness, Previn conducted "La Mer" like "La Mer Morte."

We shall sadly miss going to our Friday night concerts and shall hope for a new regime.


Beverly Hills

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