Youth Shot by Goetz Gets Term for Contempt

May 23, 1987|Associated Press

NEW YORK — James Ramseur was sentenced Friday to six months in jail for refusing to answer questions at the attempted murder trial of Bernhard H. Goetz, who shot Ramseur and three companions on a subway train two years ago.

Acting state Supreme Court Justice Stephen Crane ruled that Ramseur had been guilty of six instances of contempt, one on May 5 and five on Wednesday.

He directed that the six-month sentence be added to the eight- to 25-year prison term Ramseur is serving for pistol-whipping, raping and robbing a pregnant teen-ager on a Bronx rooftop in 1985.

"Your conduct has played right into the hands of Mr. Goetz's lawyer," the judge told Ramseur. "He goaded you into exploding and you were very accommodating. He perhaps owes you a vote of thanks."

Crane said he watched the jurors while Ramseur was "ranting and raving" on the witness stand.

"What I saw was utterly against you and whatever interest you thought you were serving, and that's not justice," Crane said.

The judge also levied a $1,500 fine and a $60 surcharge or 10 additional days for each contempt charge.

The jury was not present during sentencing. It will return Tuesday when the defense resumes its case.

Goetz, 39, an electronics technician, is charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and weapon possession in the Dec. 22, 1984, shooting of Ramseur, Barry Allen, Darrell Cabey and Troy Canty.

Goetz said the young men, all 19 at the time, were trying to rob him.

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