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Popping Back : Classic Rock--the People Speak

May 24, 1987

In the Popping Off column on May 10, Chris Willman criticized the "classic rock" radio format for its narrow definition of classic rock and for discouraging diversity in programming. Here's a sample of reader response.

I have spent my entire career as a radio broadcaster and was irked at Chris Willman popping off about the broadcasters who program KLSX. He wrote: "A few marketing executives have determined" what is classic rock, and he complained about the choices.

Sure, I'm not thrilled at the popular definition of classic rock either, but don't blame the execs at KLSX. KLSX is the result of extensive marketing research asking the listening public what they want to hear. KLSX does not exist to cater to the tastes of a few marketing executives, or to Chris Willman for that matter. They cater to the market, or obviously their ratings wouldn't be as strong as they are.

Willman is like those who complain about poor-quality television shows. When the viewing public tires of those shows, they won't watch them, ratings will drop, and they'll go off the air. The same goes for radio stations.

I have worked for radio stations where many of the execs hated the music they aired, but if it got ratings . . . great. That's what counts.

Grow up, Chris. It's a money game. Go buy your own radio station, air your own personal taste in music, and let's see how well you do.


Former KLSX announcer


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