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Best Pop Lps

May 24, 1987

Regarding Robert Hilburn's "Best Albums of the Decade" ("10 Years Later," May 17), he has once again focused on only the groups that he personally likes. I could have predicted half the groups in his Top 10 just by reading his past columns.

By disregarding other forms of music, Hilburn overlooked such notable albums as these:

AC/DC--"Back in Black." The quintessential heavy-metal album.

The Police--"Outlandos d'Amour." This album influenced a whole generation of new wave and white reggae bands.

Pink Floyd--"The Wall." A stunning masterpiece proving that even rock can compare with the best forms of art.

Rush--"Moving Pictures." It was this album that ended the progressive rock era, and nobody was more progressive than Rush.

Next time, I hope Hilburn will take a broader look at the music around him. I, for one, don't like punk, yet even I have to admit the Sex Pistols were very influential. Try some other forms of music, Robert. You just might like it.


Santa Barbara

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