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Mooning It

May 24, 1987

I wonder if Charlotte Low has ever actually seen an episode of "Moonlighting" (" 'Moonlighting': Life After Doing It," May 17).

She failed to mention that the reason Maddie turned down the proposal of "Mr. Perfect" (the Yalie astronaut played by Mark Harmon) was because of her feelings for David, which are obviously more than just "professional camaraderie." She also failed to mention that David did not exactly show up to "pursue Maddie," but rather to apologize for interfering in her relationship with astronaut Sam.

Also, in the "morning after" episode in question, David offered to leave the agency if it would make Maddie more comfortable. They are unable to admit their love for each other because he is afraid to leave himself open to rejection, and she is afraid to commit herself to a man that her better judgment tells her should be totally wrong for her.

As for what direction the show will take next season, I'd say Low overlooked a third possibility. There is a very good reason why Maddie did not ask David to "don a condom," besides the fact that they were too busy releasing 2 1/2 years of pent-up passion.

Cybill Shepherd's real-life pregnancy will supposedly be written into the show next season, so it would be rather difficult for Maddie and David to pretend "it" never happened.

C. S. Lewis may have written that the man and woman who sleep together form a bond between them that can never be broken, but a child is an even greater bond.

For an editor of a magazine called Insight, Low possesses remarkably little of the stuff.


Huntington Beach

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