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Problems With Wetlands Bill

May 24, 1987

Re your editorial "Wetlands Bill Misses Mark" (May 10):

Your overall conclusions about the cited bill are absolutely on target. SB 1517, an amazing bit of legalistic mumbo-jumbo, would create a feudal landowner right here in Orange County, next door to Huntington Beach.

I propose that we who love the Wetlands and want them preserved and protected accomplish an end-run maneuver: acquisition of the entire 1,600 acres in question, especially Signal's portion.

We should then place these protective acreages into a perpetual conservation trust. The city, the county and the state should coordinate with the Nature Conservancy acting as liaison among all parties concerned. This is a solution in which all parties win.

Signal gets its money, Huntington Beach is rescued from dealing with further overpopulation, more gross traffic clogs, and less strain on our water, air, police and general quality of life. Local officialdom is relieved of making land-use decision errors.

The wetlands need, and deserve, a wide-awake, active public, always ready and willing to protect and maintain its integrity. For our stewardship, the wetlands provide a haven of open, unspoiled space, inspiring and energizing for the stressed-out resident or visitor.


Huntington Beach

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