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A Plea to Throttle the 'Spendthrifts'

May 24, 1987

In response to the shenanigans of our Lakewood city officials (Southeast / Long Beach sections, May 17):

These people were elected for the job they run like hell to get. I don't remember any time seeing the spouses of these people on the ballot. Just what is it they do on these trips, that the taxpayers of Lakewood should pay for?

Mrs. Rynerson says her husband goes with her and we, the people, pay for his meals and lodging. Why doesn't he stay home?

Mr. Van Nostran says he works a 40-hour week plus looking after his own business. Doesn't he think everyone else works 40 hours?

I am a retired widow living on a fixed income. I work from 80 to 84 hours a month doing volunteer work. I pay my own car expenses going back and forth to my work. I am not crying about that, I knew that when I volunteered. I am glad I can do this and maybe help someone else in a small way.

This is a city of working people, and we are proud people and proud of our city. We cannot afford such extravagant spendthrifts. This is our money they are spending.

My blood is boiling. It is time to clean house.



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