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Time for Airport to Be Shut Down

May 24, 1987

The crash of a small plane on Rose Avenue, flying out of Santa Monica Airport, was a forceful reminder of the constant danger in which we all live here in Venice.

Apart from the potential danger of a Cerritos-type air crash with scores of innocent victims, we should not forget the daily aggravation caused by the noise these planes create.

Public protests, lawsuits (and) noise-abatement programs that don't work, reflect the increasing frustration and suffering the residents of Venice endure.

And for what purpose do we have to suffer these dangers to our lives and property and the deprivation of peace and quiet?

The fact is that the majority of these planes flying out of Santa Monica Airport are being used for recreational purposes.

How can we allow these fun-loving flying enthusiasts to continually destroy our peace and quiet and endanger the lives of our families so that they can enjoy the excitement of dirt-biking over our rooftops? We do not allow it on our streets, why is it allowed over our homes?

Local residents have spent years trying to create noise-abatement programs, none of which have worked at all. I think it is time to close the airport once and for all and give Venice a chance to develop into a peaceful and safe community.



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