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By The Numbers

May 25, 1987| Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press

Highest estimated salaries for film actors, by decade: 1910s: Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle $1 million/year

1920s: Al Jolson $500,000/film

1930s: Mae West $480,833/year

1940s: Betty Grable $800,000/year

1950s: James Stewart $1 million +/film

1960s: Cary Grant $3 million/film

1970s: Marlon Brando $3.5 million/film

1980s: Sylvester Stallone $16 million/film

Source: Guinness Book of the Movies

Per capita annual income in the U.S., by decade (1958 dollars): 1910s: n/a

1920s: $1,671

1930S: 1,598

1940s: $2,611

1950s: $2,688

1960s: $4,951 1970s: $11,142 1980s: $16,706 (for 1985)

Source: A.C. Nielsen Media Research

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