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Goetz Jurors See a Re-Creation of Subway Shootings

May 29, 1987|Associated Press

NEW YORK — A ballistics expert at Bernhard H. Goetz's trial on Thursday re-created the subway shootings, saying that one of the youths on the train had been standing when he was shot.

Joseph Quirk, a retired police detective, used four Guardian Angels to play the roles of Goetz's victims. A subway car was outlined in white tape in the courtroom.

Evidence presented earlier in the trial indicated that Darrell Cabey, who was shot and paralyzed by Goetz, was seated when the bullet struck his spinal cord. But Quirk's re-creation disputed that.

During cross-examination by prosecutor Gregory Waples, however, Quirk acknowledged his testimony was not based on medical reports, examinations of the youths or checks of their clothing.

"Could Darrell Cabey have been shot while sitting down?" asked attorney Barry Slotnick, who represents Goetz.

"No, not from the computations I've made," Quirk replied.

Quirk, basing his assertions on the height of the victims, the height of Goetz and where the victims fell after the December, 1984, shootings, said that the four youths were not surrounding Goetz when he opened fire.

This prompted an angry objection from Waples. "Your honor, this is not based on science; it's based upon guess," he said.

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