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Morning Briefing

Hoch May Have to Hock It

May 30, 1987

Scott Hoch, halfway leader in the Memorial tournament, hasn't won a tournament this year, but he did win a $118,000 Rolls-Royce for making a hole-in-one at the Las Vegas Invitational last month.

Hoch hasn't driven the car, however. It's still sitting in the showroom in Las Vegas while he tries to sell it back to the dealer.

Why doesn't he want it?

"It doesn't fit in the drive-through window at Wendy's," he said.

Add Memorial: In a USA Today story Thursday on improved golf equipment, Greg Norman said, "The new equipment is worth 1 1/2 shots a round. That's 6 a tournament. There's going to be a 64 or 66 shot here Thursday and Friday, and this is a very tough golf course."

On Thursday, Curt Byrum shot a 64, Joey Sindelar a 66. On Friday, Scott Hoch and Hal Sutton both shot 64s, and Steve Pate and Denis Watson had 66s.

From Jerry Sullivan of Newsday: "Perhaps the only thing worse than watching Robert Parish punch Bill Laimbeer was having to listen to broadcaster Tom Heinsohn's account of the assault.

"Listening to Heinsohn, one would have thought Laimbeer instigated the attack. Heinsohn did everything but blame Laimbeer for having the nerve to intercept Parish's fists with his face."

Isiah Thomas, in retrospect, said he should have called time out before his fateful pass in Game 5, but Boston assistant coach Jimmy Rodgers doesn't think so.

"No, it's a very good idea not to give the defense a chance to get set," he said. "It's something we do frequently, just take it up the court."

Trivia Time: If Chris Evert should win the women's singles title next year at Seoul, she would join what other former Wimbledon singles champion as an Olympic gold medalist? (Answer below.)

From Stan Isle of The Sporting News: "The Dwight Gooden Special has been deleted from the menus at the Stage Delicatessen in New York. No more grilled salami, melted cheese and hot sauerkraut for $8.95. A spokesman for the deli said the menu change was planned before the Mets' pitching star entered a Manhattan drug rehabilitation center."

In preparing for tonight's fight against Mike Tyson, Pinklon Thomas has been looking at films of Tyson's fights, but he admitted: "I only watched those fights that went the distance. I didn't want to see guys flying over here and over there."

Trivia Answer: Suzanne Lenglen of France. She won the 1920 Olympic title after winning Wimbledon in 1919. Note: Helen Wills, 18, of the United States was the winner in the last Olympic tennis tournament in 1924.


R. J. Reynolds of the Pittsburgh Pirates, on the low attendance at Three Rivers Stadium: "Sometimes you walk out onto the field and you wonder if they've opened the gates."

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