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ON THE MOVE : California trails Florida as the most popular destination; Michigan and Ohio are losing favor.

June 05, 1987

With schools about to let out for the summer, the moving season has begun. The big moving companies estimate that two-thirds of all moves take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

About half of all movers relocate only 10 miles away or less, and move themselves. Among the most popular Long-distance destinations, Florida tops the list, followed by California. The biggest reason for moving is employment, followed by a bigger home and a better location.

HOW DO PEOPLE MOVE? Self-move 55% Rental equipment 21% Moving company 21% Combination 3%

HOW FAR? Less than 10 miles 53% 10 to 20 miles 10% 30 to 50 miles 10% 60 to 100 miles 3% More than 100 miles 24%

MAIN REASON FOR MOVING? Job 43% Larger home 13% Better Location 11% Buy first home 10% Retire 3% Closer to relative 5% Health 2% Other 13%

WHAT ARE THE LARGEST VAN LINES BASED ON 1986 REVENUES? North American $400.4 million United 361.6 million Allied $358.5 million Mayflower $272.7 million Bekins $191 million

WHERE ARE THE MOST POPULAR DESTINATIONS? (Arrivals minus departures; Net migration 1980-1985, U.S. Census) Florida gained 1.44 million people California gained 1.43 million Texas gained 1.2 million Arizona gained 306,000

WHAT ARE THE LEAST POPULAR? (Departures minus arrivals; Net migration 1980-1985, U.S. Census) Michigan lost 496,000 people Ohio lost 401,000 Illinois lost 320,000 Pennsylvania lost 211,000

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; American Movers Conference; Household Goods Carriers' Bureau

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