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Leading California Companies 1987 : A Roster Of The State's Largest Industrial, Financial, Merchandising, Transportation And Utitlity Firms : Additional Industrials

June 07, 1987|Compilation and analysis for the 1987 roster were provided by Maureen Perry and Cynthia Sosin of the Los Angeles Times marketing research department.

KEY TO ROSTER--The corporate name of each company is followed by its founding or incorporation date in parentheses. Sales figures have been confined as closely as possible to operating revenues. They include equity in earnings of joint venture corporations as reported, but exclude nonoperating revenue such as dividends and gains from the sale of real estate. Income figures are given before extraordinary items. Related income-per-share figures are fully diluted when available and are based on average shares outstanding during the year, or the number of shares outstanding at year-end, depending on the company's accounting method. Sales and income figures are given for the year-end 1986 or fiscal year ended on or before February 28, 1987 followed in parentheses by sales and income figures, respectively, for the prior reporting period. Where preliminary figures have been made available, they have been so noted. Dividend figures (when paid) are reported for common stock shares. Asset figures are given as of the final day of the year covered by sales and income figures. The term "1986 Rank" indicates the rank of the company in the 1986 Los Angeles Times Roster. The 1986 Roster was published June 8, 1986 and used figures for years ended most recently prior to March 31, 1986. The abbreviation NYSE, ASE, PSE and OTC indicate listing/trading on the New York, American and Pacific stock exchanges or trading on the over-the-counter market. The various categories of companies have been ranked on the following basis: industrial firms by sales/revenues; merchandising firms by sales; transportation firms and utilities by revenues; and financial institutions and insurance firms by assets.

This year's roster lists 50 industrial firms in addition to the top 100 industrials. These firms occupy positions of increasing importance in California's economy, meriting recognition in the Roster.

It is interesting to note that nine of the 50 additional industrials listed last year are included in this year's top 100 industrials. Given is the company name, founding or incorporation date, major business activity, the sales or revenue figure with the corresponding accounting year and headquarters.

The first firm in the group is Micropolis Corp. with sales of $213.1 million fiscal year ended December 26, 1986, and the last is Consolidated Fibres Inc. with sales of $112.4 million fiscal year ended June 30, 1986.

101 Micropolis Corp. (1976) Designs and manufactures high performance disk drives and markets these drives to original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Principal products are 5 inch Winchester drives with high capacity, fast access and low lifetime cost. Sales: $213.1 million ended 12-26-86. Headquarters: 21123 Nordhoff St., Chatsworth 91311. OTC

102 Ashton-Tate Corp. (1980) Develops, acquires, markets and supports microcomputer software to meet the information management, productivity and software development needs of businesses and professionals. Revenues: $210.8 million ended 1-31-87. Headquarters: 20101 Hamilton Ave., Torrance 90502. OTC

103 Spectra-Physics Inc. (1961) Manufactures and sells lasers, laser-based systems and analytical instruments for a variety of scientific, industrial, commercial and government contract applications. Sales: $210.1 million ended 9-30-86. Headquarters: 3333 N. First St., San Jose 95134. NYSE, PSE

104 Avantek Inc. (1965) Manufactures and markets microwave components and systems for use in defense electronics and commercial telecommunications applications. Sales: $208.2 million ended 1-3-87. Headquarters: 4401 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara 95054. OTC

105 Farmer Bros. Co. (1923) Roasts green coffee, processes spices and wholesales coffee and supplies to restaurants and institutions. Sales: $207.6 million ended 6-30-86. Headquarters: 20333 S. Normandie Ave., Torrance 90502. OTC

106 Jacobs Engineering Group (1974) Provides architectural, engineering, procurement and construction services to industry and public agencies. Revenues: $207.6 million ended 9-30-86. Headquarters: 251 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena 91101. ASE

107 PacifiCare Health Systems (1975) Provides health benefits services consisting of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in California, Oregon, Oklahoma and Texas; as well as a managed insured product, Medicare benefits, utilization review, a third party claims administrator and preferred provider organization (PPO). Revenues: $204.9 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 5995 Plaza Dr., Cypress 90630. OTC

108 Monolithic Memories Inc. (1969) Leading producer of high-performance, large-scale-integration (LSI) logic and memory circuits. Has marketing and applications engineering offices worldwide. Sales: $204.9 million ended 12-21-86. Headquarters: 2175 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara 95054. OTC

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