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Lack of the Right Fabrics Hems Her In

June 11, 1987|HERB HAIN

Lois Smalley of San Diego would like to find some girdle fabrics and trimmings (of soft-sided elastic or satin) for tummy control ; she is not interested in Stretch & Sew. Can you help Smalley maintain her good form, or will she have to figure on the stomach-wrenching thought of being completely bent out of shape?

Bert Walter of Hollywood is looking for someone to repair and restore an ancient concertina made in England. Can you help him take note of a competent tonesmith, or will Walter have to hit the high seas before he can face the music again?

Robert Taupin of North Hollywood wants to get his hands on decorated finger plates for doors. Because this is for indoor use, he does not want brass plates. Can you help open the door for Taupin, or will he remain on the spot because his fingers have to be careful when they do their walking?

For a neighbor who works in a store, Margaret Beyer of Santa Ana is looking for some Dr. Locke shoes ; the neighbor claims they are the most comfortable in the world but she can't find a source. Can you help put the neighbor back on her feet, or will Beyer's sole comfort be that she at least was on her toes when it came time to stand up for somebody?

Reader-to-Reader Help Line: Abe at (213) 671-8808 is looking for the power cord to an old Revere 85 8mm projector ; please help so that Abe can get the picture. . . . When we recently printed a request by a reader named Marlene, we left out the telephone extension; so here it is again: Marlene at (808) 248-8211, Ext. 7066, needs a hand-held Panasonic JE-720U talking calculator ; the item has been discontinued. Please help before Marlene starts talking to herself. . . . Kaye at (714) 973-4666 (days) or (714) 838-8382 wants a copy of the game Red Herring, which was popular about 30 years ago; please help so Kaye won't feel like a fish out of water when it comes time for the games people play.

Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for one-time items and for products no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number, so that others may contact you directly.

Mrs. E. Klein of Redondo Beach, who was looking for Size 16 1/2 men's working shoes, need not get cold feet; Walter Brown of North Hollywood has provided these sources: Red Wing Shoe Stores, 10714 Washington Blvd., Culver City, (213) 839-3271; Chic Wide Shoes, 10746 Washington Blvd., Culver City, (213) 836-2568, and James & Williams, 5763 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, (213) 938-3505.

For Esther K. of Duarte, who was looking for regular cotton or rayon panties with garters attached, we have no help but only company in her misery: Mrs. A. Norman of Los Angeles is searching for the same item. It looks as if both readers will just have to gird themselves for a long wait.

For Lois Montgomery of Hemet, who was looking for plastic starch, we have only a sliver of help. A reader from the City of Industry suggests Vano, made by Purex; evidently that product works for our reader.

For Beulah Imperio of Inglewood, who needs collapsible drinking cups for traveling, we have a mouthful of sources. Charlotte Eiser of Montebello and Lynn Dochnahl of Palmdale suggest a Girl Scout store. Walter Brown of North Hollywood has seen these cups at Osco Drugs, among other drug stores. B. Lang of South Laguna says they are available, with a pillbox in the lid, at Space Saver Accessories, 1006 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach. Mrs. V. H. McClung has seen the cups at Newberry's, and Verna B. Newland of Downey found them at a Lucky market. Shelly Baum of Pasadena says collapsible cups can be found at Golden West Supply Co., 1536 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, (818) 357-0711. We even have a mail-order source: Lloyd Overacre of Downey says the cups are available from Golden Gait Mercantile, 421 Main St., Ferndale, Calif. 95536 (they carry a number of difficult-to-find items). And a Hidden Hills reader says she has seven new cups (with pill container); if interested, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Almost a dozen readers told us that people looking for plastic milk-carton holders should contact Walter Drake & Sons, Drake Building, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80940; the cartons are listed as K917 (half gallon) for $2.29 and K1189 (quart) for $1.49.

Herb Hain cannot answer mail personally but will, space permitting, respond in this column to readers who need--or have--helpful information. Write (do not telephone) to You Can Help!, You section, the Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles 90053.

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