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Stu Nahan to Take Over 'Sportstalk'; Furillo Quits

June 11, 1987|LARRY STEWART | Times Staff Writer

Radio station KABC and Bud Furillo, longtime "Sportstalk" host, parted company Wednesday. Stu Nahan, who has been a part of KABC's morning "Ken and Bob Company" show since last October, will take over Furillo's spot Monday.

Eric Tracy will fill in until then.

Furillo resigned after being told that Nahan was being promoted to host of "Sportstalk."

"There are no hard feelings whatsoever," Furillo said. "I'm happy. They made me a very generous offer to stay at the station. But I have been there a long time. It was time to move on."

Asked about his plans, Furillo said: "I'm looking for a job."

Nahan's agent, Ed Hookstratten, said the deal to promote Nahan was made before he left on a European honeymoon three weeks ago.

"Stu insisted that Bud be offered another position at the station," Hookstratten said. "That was one of the stipulations. He was somewhat reluctant to take the job at all because of Bud."

Program director Wally Sherwin said: "We really did want Bud to stay. But he chose not to."

Although the high-strung Furillo and station manager George Green have at times been at odds, Sherwin said that the change was made simply to boost the ratings of "Sportstalk."

"It's doing OK, but we're hoping it will do better with Nahan," Sherwin said.

Nahan spent nine years as a sports anchorman at Channel 7 and then another nine at Channel 4 before he was fired last summer.

Furillo, former sports editor of the Herald Examiner, joined KABC in 1974. He went to radio station KIIS in 1975, then returned to KABC in 1979.

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