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Tips for Scandinavia

June 14, 1987|LUCY IZON | Izon is a Canadian travel journalist covering youth budget routes.

Young travelers heading for Scandinavia will find that their Eurail Youthpasses offer several extra benefits in those countries.

The Eurail Youthpass is valid for unlimited second-class travel in 16 countries. The cost for a one-month Youthpass is now $310, two months is $400. You must be under 26 years to buy a Youthpass, and you must buy it before you arrive in Europe.

In Scandinavia, Youthpass holders are eligible for free ferry and steamer crossings between Germany and Denmark, Denmark and Sweden, and Sweden and Finland. You are also eligible for reduced rates for ferry travel between Germany and Sweden and steamship travel from Denmark to Norway and Newcastle and Harwich, England.

Tips From Other Travelers

If you are going to travel by ferry or steamer, pay attention to tips offered by other travelers.

For example, I found that on the Silja Line steamer services between Helsinki and Stockholm not only could pass holders travel free, but if they were quick, they could claim one of the limited free berths for a comfortable nights sleep.

If you are not traveling with a Youthpass but are a student, you are still eligible for discounted fares on Silja Line and Viking Line services from Denmark to Poland or the United Kingdom.

You should check with any student travel agency affiliated with the International Student Identity Card. In Copenhagen you could try Dis Rejser at 28 Skindergade.

Behind the Iron Curtain

If you reach Helsinki and decide that you want to take a look behind the Iron Curtain, contact FSTS Travela at Mannerheimintie 5. It's a youth travel agency that can arrange for you to join four-day bus tours to Leningrad.

The trips operate frequently between July 11 and Sept. 12. Accommodation is provided in Leningrad in two- or three-bedded rooms. Rates include full board, sightseeing tours with an English-speaking guide, tickets for the ballet or folk dancing, and your visa. Prices are $207 to $230 U.S.

If you enter Scandinavia via Copenhagen, you will find a special youth information service called Use It. It's at 13 Radhusstraede.

There are two youth hostels a moderate distance from the center of Copenhagen. If you take bus 13 from the Central Station to Sundbtyvester Plads, then change to bus 37, you'll reach a hostel at 55 Sjasllandsbroen.

Reach a second hostel by taking bus 2 from City Hall Square. It's at 8 Herbergvejen.

Free Booklet

The Danish Tourist Information Offices publishes a free brochure called "Denmark--You'll Love It!" that includes a listing of 98 youth hostels throughout the country.

You'll find a map and details on how far the hostels are from public transportation, and if members' kitchens and special family rooms are available.

You also will find details on hostels on the Danish island of Bornholm, a 225-square mile island with Baltic beaches, small fishing villages, special bike paths and six youth hostels. It is a seven-hour ferry ride from Copenhagen.

Copies of "Denmark--You'll Love It!" are available from the Danish Tourist Board, 655 3rd Ave., 18th Floor, New York 10017; (212) 949-2333.

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