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Dressed to Kill, J.R.

June 19, 1987| Compiled by the Fashion87 staff

Linda Gray went on a one-stop shopping binge at Gallay boutique and bought a Texas-size share of her fall wardrobe, Listen hears from the store's Caroldean Ross. For the new "Dallas" season, Gray will show off separates (most of them shoulder-hugging sweaters and pants) by Italy's new boy wonder, designer Romeo Gigli. For dress up, Gray selected a stash of skintight styles by Azzedine Alaia. And she isn't the only one buying "camera ready" clothes. Costumers for Vanity took four identical versions of a wraparound dress by Gigli. The actress will wear all four in a TV movie, Ross says. And the designing man from Milan tuned into the fashion tastes of a rock musician, Brian Adams, too. Adams and his band stopped in at Gallay and bought five identical blue-gray Gigli cotton suits. Ross says the rockers rolled into the shop from a van they parked out front.

Mistaken Identity?

The story we get is that "Palm Beach" author Pat Booth did not model her new novel, "The Sisters," after Joan and Jackie Collins. Publicist Philip Minges of Davidson & Choy says it's easy to see how some people might read that into the plot. After all, Booth is English. She is a friend of the famous sisters. And she did get the idea of doing a book about sibling rivalry "after having dinner with one and seeing the other the next day at lunch." Joan and Jackie were invited to a party at Trumps last week to celebrate the publication of Booth's latest book but they couldn't make it. Spotted among the high tea crowd were socialite Francesca Hilton, actress Jenny Agutter, author James Spada and actor Peter Dennis.

Goldie Legs

What color would you buy for Goldie Hawn if she sent you out for some hosiery? Gold, shimmery and $29 a pair is what a wardrober for Hawn's latest movie-in-progress picked up for her at Fogal in Beverly Hills. Lynn Harris of the hosiery store says she packed 20 pair of the panty hose for Hawn, along with several in bronze, white lace and textured black. The total bill was more than $1,000, Harris says. Maybe that's what the film title refers to: "Overboard."

Aging Camp Store

Camp Beverly Hills--the shop with a young, Southern California, summer-camp atmosphere--is growing up. The flagship store, which opened 10 years ago, is still on Little Santa Monica Boulevard. But now there are branch stores in Topanga Plaza, Las Vegas and Woodbridge, N.J., with plans for eight more stores to open by the end of 1987 and 100 more within the next seven years. A Camp Beverly Hills fragrance, which debuted last year, is now sold nationally and a total gross volume of about $100 million dollars is anticipated for this year. To celebrate all this, owners Jeff Stein and John Lasker are holding a 10th birthday party tomorrow night at Helena's in Los Angeles, where a decade of invited "campers" and friends will dine and dance.

Lady Kennedy

Talk about overdressed. In the film "Baby Boom," scheduled for release in October, little Michelle Kennedy wears no less than 60 outfits. It took Susan Becker, of "St Elmo's Fire" fame, and three costumers to outfit the 13-month-old toddler to perfection. Her miniature wardrobe--designed to harmonize with clothes worn by screen mother Diane Keaton--includes an assortment of city and country attire supplied by Baby Esprit, Baby Guess? and OshKosh B'Gosh. There are even some tiny suede outfits purchased in a posh New York boutique. Kennedy's feet, we are told, are covered by Weebok. Surely, that can't be everything. Who, we wonder, designed the diapers?

Hollywood Haute

Hollywood's hot properties are fashion's hot properties. And two of them, who just happen to be pals, had a chance encounter at the recent Men's Fashion Assn. meetings in Rye, N.Y.

"L.A. Law's" Corbin Bernsen was the surprise star at the After Six show, where it was announced that the company would add a line called "L.A. Law" to its already existing "Dynasty" and "Miami Vice" collections.

A lunch immediately afterward was hosted by Aramis men's products, to introduce that firm's new spokesperson, Chris Lemmon, son of Jack Lemmon and a star of television's "Duet."

Lemmon and Bernsen hadn't expected to meet. But they sat and lunched together, reminiscing about the last time they met in L.A., at a press club dinner, when they both lost out to Mark Harmon, who won the "best new discovery" actor's award.

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