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Cloak Kent to the Rescue

June 26, 1987| Compiled by the Fashion87 staff

For her band's new video, "Seven Wonders," Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie needed something to wear. So she called Margi Kent in her Melrose Avenue studio and ordered up an outfit. Kent styled a show-stopper top in beaded black and a pair of velvet pants. It was one of three outfits Kent made for Ms. Mac, Listen hears from Sharon Weisz of the band's office. It was part of a busy week. After McVie, Anita Baker went to see Kent, desperately seeking something to wear for a TV appearance. For her, Weisz says, Kent crafted a beaded riding jacket of pink lace to wear over a matching dress. For good measure, the designer added a pair of matching custom-made bracelets.

World-Class Perfume

And now, from the store whose ads could pass for UNICEF posters, comes the eau de toilette of all nations. Next month Benetton will launch its own "perfume of the world." They're calling it Colors, and the folks who produce it say it combines natural fragance elements from every corner of the globe. The hyacinth is from France, the orange blossom is from Morocco but the peach is from the United States--Georgia, we're told.


Channel 2 newswoman Terry Murphy made news of her own for quite a few viewers last week. On Monday's newscast, Murphy had her usual length of dark auburn tresses. On Tuesday, after a trip to the Riley's of London salon in Los Angeles, Murphy looked so different that viewers started phoning in to ask about her hair. Listen hears this from Alicia Krynsky, who cut Murphy's curls into a "sort of Lauren Bacall, China doll" look, worn off to one side with a bit of wave and curl. Krynsky, who also shears Shakira and Michael Caine, Shelley Long, Jackie Collins and Sean Connery, says she's had calls every day since Murphy changed her look. "Viewers call the station right after the news and either talk to Terry herself or else to the switchboard, which directs them to me," Krynsky says. "I've even had men call and ask if I can give their wives a new look."

House Dressing

Talk about dressing to match the upholstery. Interior designer Charleton Varney, who heads the famed Dorothy Draper firm and writes a syndicated design column, is now introducing a collection of women's resort wear, to be sold in boutiques at hotels he has designed. The clothes, Cruzenwear, look a little like Laura Ashley's--crisp but romantic, with lots of stripes--and they're meant for lounging around the Greenbriar in West Virginia, the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Mich., and the Hana Maui in Hawaii, as well as other Varney environs. But if you'd rather dress like a car than a chair, Porsche has just entered the race for your fashion bucks. Not just sports cars but gold jewelry, leather goods and sports jackets now carry the car's racy logo and are sold in the showroom right along with the wheels.

Shopping Spree

For once in his life, Chevy Chase got serious--about shopping. Mr. Comedian went straight to the Giorgio boutique and picked out an armload of clothes for himself. Listen hears from Katy Sweet of the store that Chase was running off for a family vacation in Long Island, and on his way he bought enough to fill his suitcase. A khaki suit, a suede blazer and a navy blue blazer--yacht style--were the big purchases. But he also added several dark business suits to his bill. What, no swimsuits? "He wanted a dressy look," Sweet explains.

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