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Becoming Legal : A guide to the new immigration law in the workplace : What Employees Are Required to Do

June 30, 1987

This part of the I-9 form is made up of three sections.

In the first part, the employee must give his complete name, his address, date of birth and Social Security number.

On the second part, he or she must check the appropriate box indicating whether the employee:

1) Is a citizen of the United States;

2) Is a legal resident, in which case a "green card" number must be included;

3) Is a foreigner with permission to work. Here again, the work permit number must be included, and the permit's expiration date, if any.

In the third section, the employee must, under penalty of perjury, sign and date the statement.

Documents That Will Help

The government says the following documents will help employees in filling out the I-9 form:

Identification and Proof of Authorization to Work

List A

The following documents will help verify both the employee's identification and work authorization. An employee need only show one of them.

United States passport;

Certificate of U.S. citizenship, Forms N-560 or N-561;

Certificate of Naturalization, Form N-550 or N-570;

Valid foreign passport with work permit;

Green card, or resident alien card, Form I-551;

Temporary resident card, Form I-688;

Temporary work permit, Form I-688-A.


List B

The following documents may be used to establish identity only. An employee need only show one of them.

Driver's license;

State identification card with photo;

School photo ID;

Voter registration card;

Military ID or draft record;

Identification card issued by a federal, state or local agency.

Proof of authorization to work

List C

The following documents may be used to prove work authorization only. An employee need only show one of them.

Social Security card;

Certification of birth outside the U.S. issued by the State Department, Form DS-1350 or Form FS-545;

Original or certified copy of U.S. birth certificate;

INS work permit;

Native American tribal document.

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