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More on Picus and West Hills

July 02, 1987

With freedom of the press guaranteed by our Constitution, it is beyond comprehension why the press is reluctant (or afraid) to report explicitly the real reason and resultant causes of the West Hills Open Zone Victims' plight.

The group was formed not as a request to be included in the new West Hills Community, but as a demand to "remain" in West Hills.

The fact (proven many times over) is that Councilwoman Joy Picus extended the eastern boundary from Platt-Sherman Way-Woodlake easterly along Victory Boulevard to Fallbrook and north to Roscoe at the end of January, 1987.

Picus refuses to deal with the issue. She denies extending these boundaries and therefore takes no position when confronted with why she surreptitiously rolled the boundaries back to those lines submitted by the originators of the movement.

Picus had best get her head out of the political sand and face this problem, because it is not "going away."

Likewise, some good advice for the rest of the City Council as well. Take heed when you cast your eight votes for council president. If Picus cannot face a small problem in the 3rd District, how can she possibly deal fairly, honestly, and be trusted to take leadership on major issues in the remaining 14 districts?


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