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The Sequel : MONEY HONEY

July 05, 1987|Kevin Henry

Multimillionaire real estate mogul Terry Guastella, 27, trying for show biz, is putting his money where his mouth is: He's poured a cool million of his own money into 100 segments of "Terry's World," a daily syndicated half-hour talk show starring actress Terry Moore, comely ex of Howard Hughes. Bonus: Moore got a $65,000 Ferrari to mark the taping of her 50th show.

The 100 are now in the can, and Guastella's negotiating a syndication deal. Format: Moore chats it up with celebrities like Bob Hope, Kenny Loggins, Heather Locklear, Burt Reynolds, John Travolta and Bo Derek, conducting the interviews at each star's home, doing neat things (like riding horses with the Dereks), etc.--but rarely digging up any personal dirt.

"That's for people like Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue," Guastella explains. "We wanted Terry to have a conversation with her guests while the audience listened in. It's a combination of Barbara Walters and 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.' "

But in a glutted talk show market--where proven talent like Joan Rivers and David Brenner have failed--why gamble on a B-movie actress long faded from the public eye?

"I wanted Terry because of her connections," Guastella said. "A lot of her guests on the show were personal friends. Only she could get some of these people. Some of them, such as Travolta, wouldn't do an interview with anyone but Terry. And, besides, when I tested her, she proved herself to be a very good interviewer."

Guastella became a millionaire at 21 after successfully buying and selling highly leveraged property. His first break was investing in a 90-unit apartment building in the San Fernando Valley, which he later converted to condos.

His next project: a $5-million beach flick titled "Fun in the Sun," which Guastella says he's bankrolling himself.

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