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The Bargain Corner

Summer Rates Are Hot

July 05, 1987|JACK ADLER

Hyatt Hotels has joined the summer bargain scene with a program that offers low weekend rates plus special room and restaurant discounts for children. The "Summer Weekends at Hyatt" program is available Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights through Sept. 15.

Rates start at $49 per room, not per person. However, each property in the United States and Canada sets its own price. The number of people who can stay in one room at these rates also varies according to the hotel. Figure a maximum of five, though it could be less, depending on the existing bedding in the room.

Cities with Hyatts at the $49 rate include Dallas, Fort Worth, New Orleans, Phoenix, Tampa, Denver and Palm Beach. A $59 tab can be found at Hyatt properties in Oakland, Palo Alto, San Jose and Seattle, among others.

Parents can also get an adjoining or nearby room for up to four children at 33% off each hotel's weekend rate.

Children under 12, when dining with their parents, can order any item at the hotels' restaurants at half-price. However, this offer is only for items on the regular menus, not the children's menus. Nor does the offer take in Sunday brunches.

This program doesn't cover any of the Hyatt resorts. Rooms are subject to availability, of course, so getting a reservation in early is recommended. But you can't make a reservation more than 45 days in advance.

Contact travel agents or Hyatt at (800) 522-1100.

If you're going to New York, the Manhattan East Suite Hotels have a New York Summer Festival program going with reduced rates any day of the week. Studio suites start at $87 ($43.40 per person double occupancy), compared to the regular midweek rate of $155. Because these suites come with kitchens, you can also save money on eating expenses. But you do get some discount coupons for use at the hotels' own dining facilities.

This program, with rooms subject to availability, also runs until Sept. 15. The nine participating hotels, predominantly on Manhattan's East Side, are the Beekman Tower, Dumont Plaza, Eastgate Tower, Lyden Gardens, Lyden House, Plaza Fifty, Shelbourne Murray Hill, Southgate and Surrey Hotel.

You can get a free Summer Festival brochure by calling (800) ME-SUITE. Reservations can also be made through travel agents.

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