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July 07, 1987

This week's stock chart includes nine companies that have recently become public, moved their headquarters to San Diego, or recently joined NASDAQ, according to Irving Katz, director of research at San Diego Securities Inc.

New names on the chart include:

Advanced Marketing Systems, a supplier of prepackaged educational materials and books to Price Club and other wholesale membership clubs. It became a public company this week at 13 and closed Monday at 12 7/8.

Chopp Computer, a supercomputer manufacturer.

Gascard Inc., a fuel-management and payment systems company.

Lancer Pacific Inc., an orthodontic company.

Mycogen, a biotechnology company.

Smith Laboratories, a diagnostic testing laboratory.

TCS Enterprises Inc., Tom C. Stickel's multipurpose financial services company.

Additionally, the chart once again includes Fabulous Inns of America and Personal Computer Products Inc., which now trade over-the-counter on NASDAQ.

Fisher Scientific Inc., the Henley Group spinoff, registered the only new high, gaining one point to 17 1/2, Katz said.

Precision Aerotech was down 1 to 8, as the company reported 11 cents earnings per share for the three months ended April 30 versus 14 cents the previous quarter. The company has an additional one million shares outstanding, Katz added.

Beeba's Creations fell three-quarters to 14 on reporting increased net earnings for the latest quarter, but lower earnings per share on a 13% increase in the number of shares outstanding. Sales, however, were down 4% for the quarter.

Molecular Biosystems Inc. gained three-eighths to 10 7/8 on reporting its first annual profit, 8 cents per share, for the year ended March 31.

Psicorp Inc. gained one to 7 3/4 upon a favorable mention in Forbes magazine. SSI, now a designer of silk-screened T-shirts, gained one-sixteenth to 1 1/8 as it finally reported results for 1986, Katz said. The company had a net loss of 2 cents compared to a net loss of eight cents in 1985.

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