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Mini-Malls and Growth

July 09, 1987

Now that the election is over, perhaps we can talk rationally about the issue of development vs. "no growth."

I am puzzled by the phrase "no growth." What does it mean?

Los Angeles and Southern California have historically experienced and increased in population. This brings development, etc. A recent United Way report predicts a population of 9 million for the city.

The growth and development of Los Angeles and surrounding environs is like a tidal wave; it cannot be reversed by passing ordinances.

If the "no-growth" advocates expect to slow development, they will have to slow population growth. I don't think they can find a way to do this, short of putting a wall around the city or the area.

And for a candidate for public office to promise that he or she will slow or halt this tide of development is intellectual dishonesty, to say the least.


Los Angeles

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