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Willing to Pay

July 12, 1987

We can't flood Pamo Valley.

The reasons for the dam simply don't wash. There are many alternatives, including the new state plan to explore ground water. And where is our conservation of water? Suggestion: Increase water rates, now, in order to reduce water use, in order to take some stress off the sewer system, in order to raise water consciousness. I can't believe the waste of water I see in this town.

I don't believe the financial projections, especially for mitigation. I fear future burdens on the city; development will be allowed in order to pay those debts. I know Pamo is for emergency use only, but the language is slippery, and I just don't believe it.

Mitigation will ruin San Pasqual Valley as well as Pamo, even if it works. There is no evidence that it works.

Pamo Valley is sacred land. I'd like to take my grandson hiking there some day.

We want open space. We want quality of life, meaning natural beauty. We want responsibility to the environment. And we're willing to pay for it, in money and in self-discipline. We only need responsible leadership.


San Diego

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