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Parents Praise Artesia Principal

July 16, 1987

My wife and my children join me in praising and supporting Principal Joe Quarles's withholding David Graham's diploma.

We have two children attending Artesia High School. One of them was graduated recently. We went to share the joy and the pride of 357 (or 356?) graduates and other parents on June 24.

Being here (in this country) since 1985, my children, with very little knowledge of English, have made big progress. Both of them ended their school year with straight A's. We are proud of them and thankful to the Artesia High staff and faculty. They have given them intellectual baggage to go far and high in life. We appreciate the competence and devotion of the teachers and staff at the school.

Principal Quarles has not violated Graham's constitutional rights: He did not withhold the latter's speech--not even interrupting him during his delivery.

Withholding Graham's diploma is the principal's responsibility. In doing so, he has sent a message to students and parents, telling them that democracy does not mean chaos, insolence and ingratitude; that education does not mean selling and buying knowledge.

David contradicts himself in asking for his diploma after having insulted all those who had helped him to have it. Or, maybe, at last, he realizes that he was wrong, and he recognizes the value of his four-year schooling in Artesia High by accepting its diploma.



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