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How Government Helped Homeless

July 16, 1987

Without the help already provided by government, many of the homeless would still be able to house and feed themselves. Those physically and mentally unable to would be cared for, if the government had not helped them into the street. How did they help?

1. Kept the minimum wage so low that the poor had to choose between food, medical care or housing.

2. Many of these jobs were lost when our government left our borders open.

3. Now our higher-paid craftsmen are being attacked by workers from other economically depressed areas that are attracted by not having to pay taxes here, as we do. Our California Highway Patrol and local police consider it low on the list of priorities to ticket out-of-state workers in California to pay for license plates.

4. Turning the public against those unemployed by using phony statistics. Anyone working even part-time for a sub-standard wage, is counted as employed.

5. Unjust taxation where the rich get richer, flaunting their vacant motor homes, trailers and yachts in our local marinas and storage lots, while the poor are to be relocated to tents in dusty fields, or become our very own "boat people," to keep them out of sight and out of mind.

The last history lesson I remember regarding this was when some rich lady said, "Let them eat cake." Is our society so rich that people are now expendable?


Long Beach

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